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High Speed Door is the ideal solution to achieve maximum environmental control and separation at the door opening. Main purposes of high speed door are open and close quickly and safely to protect materials from harm, separate processes, save energy and achieve optimal productivity. These doors are best suit to medical instrument manufacturer, mining and material processing industry, shipyards and aircraft industry, electronics and computer manufacturer, food industry, energy industry, recycling plants, military applications and distribution centers.

We are leading High Speed Doors Manufacturers in India satisfying all your requirements in terms of economy, security and comfort using state-of-the art and resourceful engineering technology. Our skilled and experienced engineers are capable of manufacturing and installing Industrial High Speed Doors keeping in mind international standards. Innovations in our manufacturing processes helped us to produce automatic high speed doors at a cost-effective price. No more need to look for different vendors as we offer all your needs under one roof – from site analysis to installation to service. Hurry Up !!! Get in touch with us now.

High Speed Door
High Speed Door

Types of High Speed Doors

  • Interior Roll Up Doors:
    This type of high speed roll up doors is ideal solution for industries ranging from cold storage to clean rooms where separation of critical areas is priority. Some of the notable features of this type of door are rapid opening speed, advanced safety system, tight sealing and pressure resistance.
  • Cold Storage Doors:
    Main purpose of any cold storage is to conserve energy and keep cold items safe. We manufacture durable and reliable automatic roll up doors to meet the unique needs of cold storage areas. This door maintains the required temperature even if opened and closed hundreds of time because of its tight sealing.
  • Vertical Lifting Fabric Door:
    This door is perfect solution for large door openings as it can handle both high wind loads and other weather extremes. Some of the notable features of these high performance doors are unique design and structure, built-in safety monitoring system, highly wind resistant and minimal maintenance.
  • Exterior Doors:
    Exterior door is an ideal solution for smooth flow of equipment, materials and people throughout your workplace. This kind of industrial high speed roll-up doors are designed to deliver security, strength and smooth performance.

Our Product Features

  • High speed opening / closing operations – 1 second per 1000mm to open or close
  • Quality material used limiting amount of dirt and dust inside manufacturing premises
  • Fine installations for temperature control, hygiene, storage and handling of frozen foods
  • Offers interlocking facility between two doors
  • Operator can easily adjust acceleration, slowdown speed and electromagnetic breaking
  • Doors are installed without rigid elements to avoid damages to equipment and personnel
  • Control panel equipped with emergency stop button
  • Use of European drives and control for better safety & operational requirements
  • Use of latest technology for automation
  • Cost efficient, faster material handling and more secured
  • Space saving design
  • Cleaning of door curtain is very easy
  • Suitable for both commercial and industrial environments
  • Low Maintenance

Our Product Range

  • Fast Rollup Doors - enable quick access among inside and outside areas of building
  • Foldup Doors – requires minimum space, wind resistant, external closing and quick passage access
  • Clean Room Doors - Maintains the constant temperature in the production unit or hall
  • PVC High Speed Doors - Best suit for high traffic flow conditions of vehicles
  • Hangar Door - Protects your workplace against weather, maintain indoor temperature and secure your workplace against intrusion

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