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Hangar Door is the ideal solution for industries where the door opening is very large. Main purpose of hangar door is to protect your workplace against weather, maintain indoor temperature and secure your workplace against intrusion. These doors are best suit to shipyards industry, aircraft industry, mining and material processing industry, energy industry, recycling plants, process industry and distribution centers.

We are leading Hangar Doors Manufacturers in India satisfying all your requirements in terms of economy, security and comfort. Our skilled and experienced engineers are capable of manufacturing and installing Hangar Doors of any size. Our hangar doors with elegant design ensure maximum usable hangar and ramp space fulfilling aesthetic and financial requirements at your work place. Innovations in our manufacturing processes helped us to produce automatic high speed doors at a cost-effective price. No more need to look for different vendors as we offer all your needs under one roof – from site analysis to installation to service. Hurry Up !!! Get in touch with us now. !!!! To safeguard your production unit, get in touch with us now. !!!

Hangar Door | Aircraft Hangar Door Manufacturers
Hangar Door | Aircraft Hangar Door Manufacturers

Our Product Features

  • Vertical lifting fabric is light enough yet durable with both side fold options
  • Air Craft Hangar Doors are capable of resisting extensive wind loads and rust
  • High speed opening / closing operations – 1 second per 1000mm to open or close
  • Available in various forms like Sliding Hangar Doors, Hoist Up Hangar Door and PVC Fabric Hangar Door
  • Side guide rail and bottom sections are made from reinforced steel materials
  • Operator can easily adjust acceleration, slowdown speed and electromagnetic breaking
  • Control panel equipped with emergency stop button
  • Doors are installed without rigid elements to avoid damages to equipment and personnel
  • Use of European drives and control for better safety & operational requirements
  • Use of latest technology for automation

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