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Many industries and commercial spaces required automatic door solutions that enable quick access among inside and outside areas of building. Rapid Roll Up Door is the ideal solution for a workspace where efficiency, speed and reliability are imperative. These doors are designed in such a way that door curtain rolls up at a very high speed on the shaft operated by high performance drives.

We are leading High Speed Roll Up Doors Manufacturers in India guarantying smooth and noiseless operations at your work place. We are very innovative and thus derived new solution that combines roll-up doors technology with high speed doors making any kind of larger doors compact one and adaptable to any context. Our team of experienced engineers is committed to maintain the quality of our products to enhance productivity of your unit.

We have successfully installed our High Speed Roll Up Doors in various industries like Retail, Food Processing, Chemicals, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Warehouses, Logistics Centers and many more. Innovations in our manufacturing processes helped us to produce automatic high speed doors at a cost-effective price. Hurry Up !!! Get in touch with us now and make your place more productive.

Our Product Features

  • High speed operations – 1 second per 1000mm to open or close
  • Quickly minimize the loss of heat and restrict sound flow
  • Suitable for both commercial and industrial environments
  • Cost efficient, faster material handling and more secured
  • Reduce the chance of impact damage
  • Space saving design
  • Cleaning of door curtain is very easy
  • Use of latest technology for automation

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