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Automobile parking has become one of the most challenging problems in our country and thus more than 30% of traffic jams are caused by looking for parking only. Congestion caused by this situation leads to increase in pollution level as well as waste of valuable time of our citizens.

Best solution to overcome this challenge is our Car Parking Guidance System which provides effective guidance on parking within supervised areas. We are leading provider and Manufacturer of Car Parking Guidance System technology that satisfies the highest standard of quality using state-of-the art and resourceful engineering technology. We are committed to manufacture customize parking guidance system delivering greater performance, better efficiency, increased safety and more ROI.

Our skilled and experienced engineers successfully manufactured and installed parking guidance solutions for shopping and retail centers, airports, hospitals, college and universities, corporate campuses and commercial complexes. Innovations in our manufacturing processes helped us to produce Car Parking Guidance System at a cost-effective price. Now no more need to look for different vendors as we offer all your needs under one roof – from site analysis to installation to service. Hurry Up !!! Get in touch with us now.

Components of our Car Parking Guidance System:

  • Parking Guidance System Software
  • Indoor Parking Space Display
  • Outdoor Parking Space Display
  • Parking Guidance Controller
  • Ultrasonic Parking Guidance Sensor
  • Central Control System
  • Indicators
  • Power Supply
  • Parking Mobile Application

Notable Features of our Parking Guidance System:

  • Provides 24 x 7 real-time and accurate indication of available parking spaces on large LED panels at entrance
  • Sensors located at each parking space navigates the cars by the shortest route
  • Use of LED lights in front of each slot to show availability
  • Reduces circulation in lanes and thus increases car parking space
  • Highest utilization of parking space thereby reducing traffic congestion and pollution
  • Everything is controlled by software thus generates more ROI

Benefits of our Parking Guidance System to Complex:

  • Improves traffic flow by reducing congestion
  • Utilizes hidden / obscured areas effectively
  • Statistical information on display of available and occupied parking slot
  • Increased security and ROI
  • Enhances car parking capacity
  • Convenient for operators

Benefits of our Parking Guidance System to Drivers:

  • Minimum waiting time at car park entrance
  • Saves fuel and guides to nearest available parking slot
  • Less stressful as directly displays current parking statistics on mobile
  • Easy searching on return
  • Saves time for searching and parking

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